New Product, New Reward
2018-12-13 13:10:13
On Oct.31, Burgeree stepped onto the podium of Good Design Award 2018.

       Japan G-mark Design Award was established in1957 by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry, now the governing body for the Japanese Industrial Design Promotion Organization (Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization, JIDPO). It is also the most authoritative and influential design award in Asia, known as the “Oriental Design Oscars”. About 3000 products from more than 1000 companies participate in G Mark Awards each year. The award-winning work is awarded the G-Mark logo, which is a symbol of its high quality and ease of use.

       Burgeree has won the 2018 Good Design Award for her perfect design of the BAUBAU kennel. BAUBAU kennel is designed and developed by Professor Kuiwan Song, Ph.D., Colleague of Architecture, Harvard University, USA. He is a chief designer of Burgeree. The product is made of PET fiber through the purely physical process of needle-punching, then processed by heating and cold-pressing, finally shaped by 3D water-jet-cutting process. The PET fiber has obtained the OEKO-TEX certificate, which means the infant may touch it directly. It is worth mentioning that the raw material of BAUBAU kennel is made of cola bottle through the recycling and spinning process. The kennel products can also be recycled and processed into new products after use, which really realizes the closure of the product chain.

       The design prototype of the BAUBAU kennel is the spire-topped house in the south of Yangtze River, which creates a comfortable and spacious living environment for pets. On one hand, the BAUBAU kennel can replace traditional pet kennels made of wood, plastic, and other non-renewable materials. On the other hand, the product also has the role of sound absorption, reducing the impact of night pet noise on the living environment. So it has been constantly recognized by customers.

       Design is to solve problems.

       As one of the four most authoritative design awards in the world. Good Design not only examines the actual design of from the perspective of “usability” and  “innovation”, but also pays more attention to the entries of the “human society” to make what has rich significance and value of the “design”, what kind of enthusiasm to promote.

  “Design is conception and planning” is the process of solving problems. Design is not only to create a “delicate” work, behind it is the thinking of the human society, the relationship between people and the essence of human spirit, which is the most essential thing of design. Because the design from beginning to end must be “people-oriented, more human nature”. Burgeree has been adhering to this principle. Burgeree’s designers have always believed that: Reality, that is, the work of modern society insight; Creation, to explore the future of the imagination; Charm, that is, the work imagination of rich life and culture; Ethics refers to the ability of a work to think about society and the environment.

       It also marks the recognition of Burgeree’s efforts in developing new products over the past decade on one hand and the recognition of PET fiber products on the other hand. Burgeree has taken a solid step from manufacturing to intelligent innovation and upgrading. Burgeree will continue to work hard to design more humanized products.

       Below is what the on-site review committee comments of the BAUBAU kennel:By using a hard heartwood for its strength and surrounding it with felt, a pet-friendly dog house was completed. The design is a simple, extremely iconic dog house form without any ruggedness that perfectly matches the "cuteness" of the pet inside it. It consists of a house body, base, and cushion, making it easy to wash and meeting pet owners’ wish to keep a clean dog house. Although it was created as a new enterprise of a building materials maker, the three-dimensional form of the felt with no wrinkles is admirable, and the company’s attitude of making no compromises in development resonated with the judges.