This time, Burgeree don’t want to keep a low profile. | Product Design "Oscar" - iF Design Award: Burgeree BAUBAU Series
2019-02-12 19:07:23
This time, Burgeree don’t want to keep a low profile.

At beginning of the new year
Burgeree design won another award
2019 German iF design award Winners Announced
With original design and innovative humanity concept
 Following Japan
2018 Good Design Award
after that
BAUBAU series products were
selected by the Hannover Industrial Design Forum,
 known as "Oscar Award in Product Design"
 in Germany for the 2019 iF Design Award

       The iF Design Award was founded in 1953 and is annually conferred by the iF International Forum Design. The IF International Design Forum of Germany is selected annually for the iF Design Award. It is known for its "independent, rigorous and reliable" award concept. It aims to raise public awareness of design. Its most important gold award is "product design" which is called” The Oscar” in design field. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, IBM, LG, Samsung, Sony, Asus and other international giants gathered in iF and displayed the latest design products.

       The 2019 iF Design Awards are judged by a panel of 67 experts from the world of design, industry and architecture. It is a major event in the design industry.

 Burgeree takes the customer's needs as the origin

 Touching people with innovative design

Good design must be what the customer needs

The design of the BAUBAU series is inspired by the residential spires in the Jiangnan area.

       Design is everywhere. Good design reflects people's quality of life: design can be unrestrained, ingenious and passionate; it can be humorous, serious or bold. Since 1953, good design has also been recognized for award – a recognition of the iF Design Award.

Good products can bring a pleasant experience to users

       The BAUBAU series of products not only pay attention to the aesthetics of the design, but also pay more attention to environmental protection and sound absorption in the selection of materials.

The BAUBAU series products provide a comfortable and spacious living environment for pets. The BAUBAU series products can replace the traditional non-renewable pet nests such as wood and plastic. On the other hand, the product also has the function of sound absorption, reducing noise impact from nighttime pets on the living environment, for which the product is constantly recognized by customers.

JiangSu Burgeree New Technology Materials Co., ltd.

BAUBAU series products won the IF Design Award

It is a reaffirmation of Burgeree’s design.


Burgeree will insist on impressing users by design

  Carefully craft each product

BAUBAU series products 2019 new - coming soon