The 28th china(beijing) international building materials and decoration exhibition|burgeree welcome you to come
2019-03-08 19:02:31
   The 28th china(Beijing) international building material and decoration exhibition
Date: 8-11th march, 2019
Booth number: 8A47(old exhibition)
Add: china new international exhibition center-beijing
(88 xiangsu road)
China international exhibition center-beijing (sanyuan brige, Chaoyang district)
New exhibition and old exhibition open at same time

       China(Beijing) international building material and decoration exhibition(brief name: BUILD D?COR) is a large exhibition in the world, After more than 20 years of development, the exhibition has formed a comprehensive building materials exhibition, which has a whole household, cabinets, closet door, sliding door, ceiling, windows, curtain, dope etc. it’s a good trading platform for building industrial communicate, new product release, brand improve.

       Burgeree booth (Booth No. 8A47), we took our new products in this exhibition: 3D V-shaped wall panels, small wave wall panels, storage systems, and other BURGEREE products: forest series, fragrant series, V-slot series, colorato series, etc., burgeree  focuses on promoting BURGEREE brand ASISDOO on this exhibition, then we built a smart home theater and piano room on site. Visitors can experience the audio and video system of ASISDOO intelligent audio and video system through on-site experience, you can also walk into the piano room to listen to the beautiful sound of the piano.

burgeree 3D V shape wall panel

burgeree small wave wall panel 

 new burgeree storage systems 

 burgeree new storage systems combine with forest series 

burgeree series product

       Meanwhile, BURGEREE's new 3D V-shaped wall panels and small wavy wall panels has been attracting many people to watch and realize at our booth, three-dimension effect is amazing. then the unique combination of the 3D V-shaped wall panel and the LED panel light allows visitors to viewing the application space of the product while watching, so that the visitor can see the product and know the practicality of the product. The wonderful combination of small wave wall panels and V-grooves, different product types matching the colors, it made them can't help but stop and watch.

burgeree new wave wall panel combine with forest series

The combination of forest series, L-series and colorato series

       With the improvement of people living, people's demands for high-quality cultural life have gradually improve. In recent years, Home theater, audio room, song room, and piano rooms are gradually entering into people's vision. the domestic custom installation industry has increased rapidly, and various design concepts have flooded into China. with ASISDOO smart home theater and piano room display in exhibition, it allow visitors experience, feel the sound absorption of our products, what series we used, how much, where to put, how effective. ASISDOO is now looking for distributor dealer from all over the country. If you visit the site, you can feel it on the spot. Our colleagues will explain it for you. If you can't be there on the spot but still interested in our products, ASISDOO welcomes you to visit us with negotiations and cooperate.

ASISDOO home cinema 

ASISDOO piano room

       In product display area, lots of visits are attracting by burgeree product appearance, they came to our booth, touched and watched our product, and touched by quality and our service. Crowd in booth, many visit play an order after they consult. We become well-known in exhibition.  

burgeree series product

burgeree hanging screen

burgeree rhythm and fragrant series

       Through this exhibition, we successfully demonstrated the brand image of burgeree and ASISDOO. We will continue to work hard to accelerate the brand promotion process and rationally face market demand and create more boutique products.The exhibition continues, the event continues, and the pace of the progress of burgeree continues! I believe that burgeree will continue to bring more products to our partners that customers love.

       There are still 2 days from the end of the exhibition. Everyone should seize the opportunity! Miss this year, have another year to wait!

Finally, in the international women’s day
I wish every shining girl:
Happy holiday!