The international women’s day|Burgeree give you a romance day
2019-03-08 19:01:45
Some people say that women are also half of the sky. In fact, women are far more than half of the sky for the world. As the famous poet Bing Xin said, if there are no women in the world, then there will be lost five points of truth, six points of goodness, and seven points of beauty. At that year, a song call "Flowers of women" , let the secrets of women open to world.

This day, you are the queen.
As mother, wife, daughter,
You can go to make a career, also can be kind to your family
Various responsibility and role make your life more meaningful
You are our harbor, a sea of flowers, a touching song  
At this day, be love of yourself

No matter which identity and posture you are
This day you are the most beautiful color in the world.

The queen is coming
Give you a romance date 

       The represent of burgeree labor Union send the most sincere blessings to our queen who always insisted on the first line of the post, never retreated and take responsibility for burgeree development.burgeree has carefully prepared gifts for each female employee. At the same time, the company stipulates that all female employees can take a half-day paid vacation.

Burgeree labor Union
The exquisite gifts prepared for female employees have been distributed.
The big new is coming!~~~
Shuangshan wang, R&D Manager of burgeree
Received the honorary title of "Women's Craftsman"

The 109th "queen" International Women's Day is coming
 Exquisite gift has been prepared by xiangcheng district
For our most beautiful female employees

       On March 7th, XiangCheng District held the theme of “ten step one hundred excellent” for excellent female to display the most beautiful family story  around the theme of “ loyal to the country, make contribution to new era”.The secretary of Xiangcheng District Party, Mr Gu, vice chairman of Suzhou Women's Federation Mr wang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the District People's Congress Mr Dai, deputy head of the district government Mr Huang, and vice chairman of the district CPPCC Mr Hou, attended the activity.Women are an important force in promoting economic and social development. The broad masses of women in the region have devoted themselves to the tide of reform and development, exerted their talents on various fronts, and made contributions in various fields, fully demonstrating the self-improvement and dedication of women in Xiangcheng. The spirit of dedication, pioneering and enterprising has truly become the "half the sky" to promote the development of xiangcheng district.The new situation and new tasks have provided a broad stage for the women's comrades in Xiangcheng District to display their talents and entrepreneurial innovation, and also put forward new and higher requirements for doing a good job in women's work.

In recent years, Xiangcheng District has emerged
Lots of excellent female in new era

       At the event, the outstanding women of Xiangcheng District's “ten step hundred excellent”were displayed in a concentrated manner. 100 outstanding female representatives from ten industries in the district successively took the stage to accept the award –

  Xiangcheng district excellent female
Country contributor

Country contributor
Suzhou City Public Security Bureau Xiangcheng Branch Office in and out of the management brigade police 
Xu Danyan
General Manager of Yucheng District Yusifang Silk Studio, Yuan Xueqin
Technician of Xiangcheng Shuangqiao Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Jin Yahong
Minister of Human Resources, Suzhou Future Electric Co., Ltd. Ma Yiqi
Development Manager of Jiangsu Yijiali New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Shuangxun
Machine Manager of China Railway Fourth Bureau Second Machinery Branch
Fan Zheng, Chief of the Audit Section of Finance and Administration of Xiangcheng District Audit Bureau
Deputy Director, Environmental Management Division, Xiangcheng District Environmental Protection Bureau
Xiangcheng District Social Comprehensive Management Linkage Center Coordination Research Section Chief 
Zhang Meiling
Folk straw artist in Qiantang Town Wu Zhaomei

No matter how many roles the Queen usually plays,
Today, we only have one role - return to ourselves!
I hope you are still you,
It is the queen who is full of enthusiasm, loves to pursue, and has unlimited charm.
Be your own queen, not convinced of March time

Finally, I wish every girl who shines brightly: Happy holidays!