Burgeree-Summer Benifits
2019-07-30 18:50:10
In this hot summer, the high temperature made the workers suffer the “baking”sun. In order to reduce this baking suffering, care about the employees health, prevent the heat stroke by high temperature or any other production safety accidents, and express the care for employees from the company labor union, and safeguard the interests of employees, Burgeree provide plenty of summer benefits, such as the iced beverage, ice cream, watermelon, mung soup, mung porridge.

Burgeree always adheres to the the principle of “reverence, gratitude, humility, and decency”, and takes preventing-summer-heatstroke and work-in-cool as an important task. On July 19th, organized by the Burgeree Labor Union, beverage Wang Laoji, Iced Black Tea, Pepsi, Sprite were dispatched to all employees, and the summer benefits were distributed to all employees again, and the dispatch was in an orderly way.(see attached photos)

The summer beverages further stimulated the enthusiasm of employees, and at the same time made the Burgeree employees more aware of the care of the family.

With a grateful heart, return to Burgeree the big family of everyone!