2019 BATIMAT|Burgeree Goes on with Wonderfulness
2019-11-05 18:33:17
TIME:2019 Nov4th-8th
LOATION:Villepinte Exhibition Centre

Batimat was founded in 1959 and it has an impact all over the world with development of its scale.Now it has already become the most famous building materials and equipment trade fair.
The slogan of Batimat is “For the Target of the World Market”.As a real B2B trade fair,Batimat specializes in the design,construction,maintenance,
equipment supply and management and it covers all the products and service with innovation system in building industry.It provides the latest news and authoritative information of this field and accumulates constructors,developers,retailers and wholesalers to purchase.It is an excellent platform for international exhibitors to develop a new channel,meet regular and new customers.
Batimat which lasts 5 days is on going like a raging fire,please follow me to feel it online if you can’t go there.

Burgeree’s 21 new colors appeared in European market for the first time.It meets all the space requirements of the customers with abundant and various colors.

Burgeree’s new product “shell”of rhyme series appeared on the European market for the first time,and it filled up the space with reverie and mystery going through with deep and shallow,bright and shaded light.

Burgeree’s products could be wall covering,ceiling baffle,printed decoration,carved,mould pressing.Various products,colorful options with strong performance of sound absorption which can be felt by the visitors on the trade fair.It brought the shock to the visitors coming to the fair and they stopped and discussed the cooperation.

On the fair,visitors and our sales managers were communicating with enthusiasm.We saw the compliment and fancy to our products from them.We feel relieved and it stimulates us to work harder to have more people know “Burgeree”and make “Burgeree”to be world-renowned.