The 2014 Year-End Summary and Award Conference
2015-07-06 18:11:07
In the year 2014, all the staff have well done their job as per the company’s working plan and total sales&management direction contributing to the company’s growth. With the purpose of encouraging outstanding work performance and setting exemplar, Burgeree awarded those who present proactive working attitude, good sales volume, self-persuit and outstanding performace. 

Excellent department: This is a passionate group increasing sales volume with its wisdom and dilligence. They always consider for the company and advocate its various regulations during external communication. They always proactively respond to various policies of the company during office working time. They have proved their capability with sales performance and group cohesion. This group, the sales department, was awarded the yearly outstanding department of Burgeree.

Yearly sales pacemaker :——Yongliang Shi,Hui Yuan,Xingyang Xu,DeJin Wang,JianWu Guo,Mengli Yuan,Chen liu
Yearly outstanding staff :——MeiLi Liu,Wei Zhu,ChenHe Yi.

       Yearly outstanding individual:——JianJiao Fu,Jie Lu,MeiHua Gong,JianLin Xu,XiaoYan An,Hua Jin,JinYuan Liu,Ming Ling,JinHua liu ,Su Ying Zhu.