Good News-Burgeree Won High Quality Development Innovation Award and Social Responsibility Award Issued by Xiangcheng District Government in 2018 Outstanding Enterprise
2019-02-19 19:05:54
In the morning of February 19th,2019, on an important project site promotion meeting in Suzhou 2019- Huangqiao 
Intelligence Industry International R&D community, a high-quality development commendation conference was held in xiangcheng district.

Burgeree New Material Technology Co., Ltd. won High Quality Development Innovation Award and Social Responsibility 
Award Issued by Xiangcheng District Government in 2018 Outstanding Enterprise.
Xu Juzhen, the chairman of burgeree Labor Union, took the stage as the representative of the outstanding enterprise.

Xu juzhen,the chairman of Burgeree labor union took the reward as a representative of the outstanding company.
(fourth from the right)

The District Party Secretary Gu Haidong attended the meeting and delivered a speech

Gu Haidong, secretary of the district party committee, said that these commended enterprises have made important contributions to the development of the region.

First, the total amount of tax revenue contributed the most.
The 88 award-winning tax-contributing enterprises contributed a total of 6.47 billion RMB in tax revenue and an average tax payment of over 70 million RMB, contributing more than one-third of the tax payment in the district.
 The 116 high-quality development and innovation awards companies are the most promising, dynamic and most active market players.
Third, the awareness of social responsibility is the strongest.
The 35 award-winning enterprises for the social responsibility that have repaid the society and set an example in social support and green development.

This is the fourth year for Burgeree has received the “Social Responsibility Award” issued by the government.
Burgeree has always regarded social responsibility as her own recognition. The Corporate Social Responsibility 
Award aims to guide enterprises to play an active role in absorbing employment, contributing taxes, and feeding back society, setting an example for promoting positive social energy.

We will push forward the construction of work style efficiency with a better mental state, higher working standards, and stricter work requirements. We will strive to innovate and do all kinds of work with new styles and new actions.