New Year’s Conference 2019 of BURGEREE
2019-01-14 19:10:22
New Year’s Conference 2019 of BURGEREE


The operation of the company in 2018

First of all, Mr. Zuo Hongyun, chairman of BURGEREE, expressed his deep gratitude to BURGEREE 's STAFF for their hard work this year. Then Mr. Zuo summarized and analyzed the company's operation in 2018. BURGEREE's sales in 2018 exceeded 1 million square meters for the first time. Besides the growth of sales, BURGEREE's social benefits in 2018 are also obvious to all. In the overall decline of the overall environment, BURGEREE has made today's achievements, inseparable from the painstaking efforts of BURGEREE. On the scene of the conference, Mr. Zuo praised and rewarded the excellent employees and salesmen in 2018


The company's business objectives for 2019

After summarizing 2018, Mr. Zuo has deployed the company's business objectives for 2019. Mr. Zuo hopes that BURGEREE will strive to increase by more than 30% compared with 2018 In addition to the sales of basic materials, in terms of products, we focus on the development of pet products, lighting products, family cinema products, new wallpanel products and so on, and strive to achieve product-oriented, improve the market share of BURGEREE products.


Key Work Targets of the Company in 2019

Mr. Zuo said that on the basis of improving sales, the key words of BURGEREE in 2019 are safety, quality, economy and performance. Through these four keywords, we can unite, open source and reduce expenditure, and make BURGEREE, a big family.


2019 company monthly assessment points system promotion

Mr. Zuo summarized and deployed BURGEREE Company in three aspects, which stimulated the morale of all employees. In the end, Mr. Zuo pointed out that the company will carry out the monthly assessment and scoring system in 2019, and distribute more benefits to BURGEREE people fairly through the form of assessment.

Manager Zhang Zhijian of the company made a detailed explanation of the "assessment criteria for monthly bonus points in 2019". Through: the concept of honor and loss, transposition thinking and other aspects, arouse the sense of ownership of BURGEREE Beauty, so that we dare to become a brave, willing to cooperate with the good staff.


Planned recruitment for 2019

Finally, Manager Zhang made a detailed description of the company's talent recruitment plan in 2019. BURGEREE will accept excellent talents. He hoped that the addition of fresh blood would lead the whole BURGEREE to a higher level.

At the end of the conference, Mr. Zhang, on behalf of Zuo Zong, once again expressed his deep blessing to all of you and friends and relatives: good health, good luck in business and happy family in 2019.