Burgeree ——interzum
2019-05-22 18:56:57
TIME:2019 May21st-24th

LOATION:Cologne International Exhibition Center




 Interzum started from 1959,it is an international exhibition focusing on furniture manufacturing and its accessories. It is a world-wide professional exhibition in woodworking machinery manufacturing industry.Its range of exhibition products is at TOP1 among all the exhibitions in this field.

 Interzum specializes at providing accessories and relevant machinery equipments for Interior Decoration industry.For the purpose of leading the trend,it insists on integrating modern decoration materials,brilliant interior design and outstanding technology innovation into the future living space.One outstanding point in this event is that a lot of international exhibitors will attend this exhibition.Therefore,this event not only makes a bond with the Germany domestic market but also push the development of  international furniture manufacturing and interior decoration field.

Burgeree booth

Jiangsu Burgeree New Technology Materials Co.,Ltd. has attended INTERZUN in the last 6 sessions.Burgeree showed the new product:Solid V panel、little wave panel、storage system、Rhyme series and so forth,also other Burgeree product:Beam Series(Tiles)、Forest Series(Moss)、Fragrant Series(Embossing)、Carved Series、Slash-BackSlash Series(V-cutter)、Colorato Series(Print)、suspended ceiling series、Table Divider series、Light series and so on.

Burgeree Rhythm Series (3D) is impressive with its ingenious color.

Burgeree Rhythm Series (3D)

Burgeree brought 7 new colors and got the acceptance of visitors!

Many visitors were attracted by the appearance of Burgeree acoustic materials and touched by its quality and service.They came to watch and touch the products.It was very crowded in the center and visitors stopped  and asked for more details.Burgeree became the superstar in the exhibition.

Burgeree acoustic materials gained a great popularity and got a great reputation from the overseas customers which stimulated us to move on for making more unique、creative、valuable products.

Very popular in the exhibition

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