Perfect Ending for 21st CBD FAIR & Congratulations to Burgeree
2019-07-08 18:53:42
Date: 2019.7.8-2019.7.11
Location: Canton Fair Complex, Poly World Trade Center Expo and Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center, Guangzhou
Booth Number:  SectorB  Hall 11.3-08 

Four days Exhibition was completed, and Burgeree undoubtedly got a huge success again and became the shining star in the exhibition hall.

Burgeree’s products can be fixed to the wall, can be hung as a screen,can be painted, decorated, carved,and embossed. More choices, more colors, greatly attracted the visitors from all over the world to stop by and begin a business.

Many new products were officially unveiled at this exhibition with the continuous research and development and innovation by Burgeree technical team and careful planning and fully preparation.

A series of new colors regularly launched by Burgeree always lead a trend of fashion. At this exhibition, Burgeree launched 21 new colors which were highly praised by customers.

The brand of Burgeree: ASISDOO Smart Home Theater, once again conquered the customers on the spot with its perfect audio-visual experience.

In display area, viewers from all over the world were attracted by Burgeree's products. They were surprised by the quality and the service, and could’t help stopping by and touching the displaying samples. The stand were crowded with the customers.

The highly popularity and praise for the products from customers stimulate Burgeree’s people to continuously develop unique and more valuable products .