Childlike innocence grows to dream of the party
2021-07-01 13:13:05

June 30, 2021, Yangchenghu primary school cooperated with Burgeree company to carry out the activity of helping students with love. Zhu Wei, Secretary of Party branch of Burgeree company, Xi Yingchun, director of Moral Education Department of Yangchenghu primary school, and student representatives attended the activity.

First of all, on behalf of all the teachers and students, director Xi Yingchun of Yangchenghu primary school extended warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Burgeree and Mr. Zhu Wei. Later, Mr. Zhu Wei, secretary of the Party branch of Burgeree, made a speech. He said that children are the future of our country, loving students is a social project, and caring for the flowers of the motherland is a major measure for the construction of a harmonious society. He hoped that the students would turn this love into a driving force to work hard in adversity, study hard, strive for good results, and repay the society's love for themselves. Then, as a student representative, Yang Siqi gave a speech. She expressed her gratitude to the school and the society for their care and love. In the future, she will be more self-improvement, self-reliance, diligent learning, and take up the responsibilities and obligations entrusted to us by the society. At the end of the activity, Mr. Zhu Wei and director Xi Yingchun jointly presented awards to the funded students.

Great love will never end. The activity is not only a material aid, but also a spiritual encouragement. It will encourage every student to study hard, give thanks to his hometown, giving back to the community. "Burgeree Charitable Fund" of Yangchenghu primary school will continue to uphold the original intention to protect the future of the motherland.

(Zhu Xiaofang, Yangchenghu primary school)