"New Dream·New Sailing" Burgeree 2022 Spring Festival Gala and CAS Acoustics Trial Production Operation Victory Party was Held Successfully
2022-01-27 16:37:14

On January 22,2022, "New Dream · New Sailing" Burgeree 2022 Spring Festival Gala and CAS Acoustics Trial Production Operation victory party was held as scheduled.All the employees of Burgeree and CAS Acoustics participated in the event. The party comprehensively reviewed the development achievements of 2021, deployed the goals and tasks of 2022, commended the advanced models, mobilized all the employees in the New Year, set up a New dream, and opened a new chapter together.Mission on the shoulder ~ struggle with me!

The Ox wins off, The tiger is coming in the spring, On this farewell to the old and usher in the new, Burgeree Chairman Zuo Hongyun led all staff to review the results of 2021, Looking ahead to 2022, General Zuo said: Burgeree always adheres to the code of conduct of awe, gratitude, humility and decency, In the post-epidemic era, Burgeree's achievements today are inseparable from the hard work of all the staff, Burgeree 2021, Completed a qualitative leap; CAS Acoustics also ran in trial production with the efforts of all its staff, 2021 came to a perfect end; In 2022, To achieve the company's strategic development goals, The whole crew must keep a clearer mind, With greater innovation and greater determination and reform, Improve the quality and efficiency and set sail again.In 2022, we will set sail together!In the New Year wishes from Mr Zuo, the dinner officially began!

The activity began to award link, commended the outstanding employees of each department, sales pacesetters, full attendance award workers, the most beautiful workers, etc., the leaders of each department awarded them the certificate of honor, I hope that they will not forget the original intention, stay true to the future work, and make persistent efforts.

After the grand award link, a sales department of a strong dance, officially opened the prelude to the dinner, the scene of drinks, drinks, snacks, fruit everything.The following links are wonderful: hand speed game, super shake, program performance, song appreciation, etc., and exciting lucky draw: Midea air conditioning, handheld vacuum cleaner, Supor rice cooker, beauty instrument, exquisite gift box, large popcorn, snack gift package, chocolate gift box...

Program segment

Game segment

Lucky draw segment

Everyone were passionate, enthusiastic, on stage and laughing; new colleagues were lucky and proud to join the collective, and excited; all employees felt the harmony and warmth of the Burgeree family.

Burgeree thanks all the support and help our customers and friends from all walks of life, we adhere to the market-oriented, high-tech, capital operation driven, professional to the development of the building materials industry, adhere to high quality and environmental protection concept, take differentiated development path, constantly forge ahead and innovative; create value and share with society and peers!


Looking back on 2021, we work together, work hard, harvest together; looking forward to 2022, our same goals, full of confidence, together expect Burgeree will be more brilliant tomorrow, time not striver ~ time for dreamers!In 2022, New Dream · New Start!


CAS Acoustics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, located in Changshu Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, covers an area of more than 100 mu, has an acoustic materials research and development center, an acoustic science popularization base of the Chinese Society of Acoustics, and several production lines, and a comprehensive company integrating the research and development, production, design and sales of acoustic materials.


Here, I wish Burgeree all the new and old customers, relatives and friends: bonanza rolling with spring, beaming with a blessing.Golden tiger spit auspicious clouds, the sun with luster, singing and dancing spring together, warm worship, snow is auspicious throughout the world, under lucky star and be safe and healthy. Stay together to welcome the Spring Festival, gladly celebrate the festival!


Time lives up to the striver

Time favors the dreamers

Goodbye in 2021!

Hello 2022 !