Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and care for employees - Burgeree provided Mid-Autumn gifts to all employees
2022-09-19 14:51:58

In the Autumn season, we are celebrating the annual Mid-Autumn Festival again. In order to thank all the staff for their hard work, let's had a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Burgeree, adhering to its consistent tradition, distributed gifts to employees in advance for the Mid-Autumn Festival and sent sincere holiday wishes.

The gifts were selected by Burgeree to express the company's feelings for each employee, thank all employees for their hard work, and sent care and blessings to everyone.

The Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes were distributed to each employee one after another, and the employees who received the gifts had happy smiles on their faces. The employees expressed their gratitude to the company for its long-term care. They would take on heavy burdens and pay attention to dedication in their work, and would be more active in their work. They would give satisfactory answers to the company in every link of each post.

The gifts brought laughter to everyone as well as full of emotion. The gifts were held in the hands and warmed in the heart. At the scene, the faces of the employees were filled with joy. Blessing of sweetness and peace in the hands, surrounded by laughter and joy.

This Mid-Autumn Festival gifts distribution sent care for everyone, enhanced the cohesion of the staff, and demonstrated the company's corporate culture. Burgeree always sends holiday gifts and blessings to the employees of the whole company on major festivals, always practices the concept of caring for employees, always takes the life of employees in mind, creates good living and working conditions for employees as much as possible, and shares the company's development achievements.