Han Jixian, secretary-general of China Insulation & Energy Efficiency Materials Association, visited Burgeree
2022-10-03 16:21:48

On September 19th, Han Jixian, executive vice president and secretary general of China Insulation & Energy Efficiency Materials Association, went to Burgeree New Tech Jiangsu CO.,LTD. to carry out field research to understand the production and operation of enterprises. President Han visited Burgeree’s product exhibition hall, workshop and plant, research and development center and other sites successively, and conducted a research on the research and development innovation, production process and business situation of Burgeree.

Then President Han heard Burgeree Zuo Hongyun, chairman of the enterprise during the outbreak, the future strategic direction, and detailed understanding of the Burgeree in marketing, corporate culture, organizational structure, etc. At the same time, Chairman Zuo Hongyun put forward hope through the association platform, realize the company further breakthrough in the field of business and technology, speed up the realization of technical achievements to be carried out along with interaction and sharing.

President Han recognized Burgeree in brand building, technology innovation, market development of the achievements very well, and congratulated Burgeree’s a series of honor achievements. at the same time, President Han put forward some suggestions for the company's business development: one is to continue to strengthen technological innovation, speed up the establishment of technical standards. Second, continue to summarize the company's successful experience in business operation, in the product promotion. Third, to communicate with enterprises about the scope of product application scenarios. Finally in his speech, President Han said that he hoped Burgeree would continue to give play to its advantages, participate more in the work of the association and play a greater role.

Through the field investigation, Burgeree felt the association’s efforts on the solving barriers and problems, resumption of work and production. In the current epidemic situation getting better, production and work order of life speeds up to be back to normal, Burgeree feels more on the association’s family cohesion and centripetal force, also feels very confident on the company's steady far, better development in the future.