Jiangsu Industrial Design Association President's office meeting in the first quarter of 2023 was held in Burgeree
2023-02-24 20:26:04

    In the afternoon of February 10, Jiangsu Industrial Design Association held the first quarter 2023 president office meeting in Changshu. President Guan Ming, Vice President Wang Qingpei, Chen Xiaoguang, Wang Liming, Zuo Hongyun, Gao Kui, Zhong Liang, Liu Kaihong, Li Yongbo, Secretary-General Jiang Li attended the meeting. Vice President Fu Yueming, Lan Ting and Vice President unit representative Weng Chao were invited to attend the meeting. Xu Ming, director of the Production Service Division of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and Ren Qingqing, the second-level chief staff member, were invited to attend the meeting. President Guan Ming presided over the meeting.

    At the meeting, the work plan of the Association for 2023 was announced. The participants discussed the work plan and determined the key points of the work of the Jiangsu Industrial Design Association for 2023.

     1、 Continue to carry out free consultation activities for manufacturing enterprises
Through consultation service, help enterprises improve the design service concept, form the design development strategy, and solve the difficulties and pain points of project design. During the year, the Association will organize multiple design consultation activities in Wuxi, Changzhou, Nantong and other regions in different regions and industries.
     2、 Held Jiangsu Industrial Design Skills Competition
The fourth Jiangsu Provincial Industrial Design Skills Competition will be held, and the live competition will be held in Nanjing in June.
     3、 Jointly organize design docking activities with brother associations
We will continue to strengthen cooperation and exchange, exchange information, complement resources and seek common development of the industry with fraternal associations. The association will jointly organize the design docking activities with the provincial consumer goods industry association, and continue to strengthen the cooperation with the provincial pregnant and baby products association and the provincial lighting appliances association.
     4、 Organize investigation and exchange activities outside the province
First, we organized visits to Chengdu, Guangdong and Nanchang to study the advanced experience and practice of industrial design. Second, organize to attend the GOOD DESIGN AWARD exhibition in Japan.
     5、 Organize demonstration and observation activities of Jiangsu industrial design
Visit manufacturing enterprises and design companies that observe the advanced mode of industrial design in the province, summarize and promote the advanced experience of industrial design in Jiangsu, and guide manufacturing enterprises and design companies to develop better and faster. During the year, the Association will organize visits to 3 manufacturing enterprises and 3 design companies with advanced industrial design models.
     6、 Hold industrial design sharing meeting
In order to strengthen the integration of internal resources of the Association, the Association will hold two industrial design sharing sessions with the theme of "industrial discussion" and "design+".
     7、 Yangtze River Delta Industrial Design Industry Alliance Activities
     This year, the Association will assume the rotating chairman of the Yangtze River Delta Industrial Design Industry Alliance and host a main activity to promote the development of the industrial design industry in the Yangtze River Delta.