Burgeree signed a joint construction agreement with the Safety and Environmental Protection Bureau of the Economic and Technological Development Zone
2023-04-13 20:42:26

      Safety is the greatest benefit for enterprises. In order to deeply learn from the lessons of accidents, we must persist in the constant ringing of safety production alarms and unremitting efforts to further implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, enhance safety awareness, and build a solid ideological defense line. On the 23rd, the Safety and Environmental Protection Bureau of Changshu Economic and Technological Development Zone held a symposium, with the participation of leaders and safety management personnel from multiple enterprises.

      At the symposium, the Safety and Environmental Protection Bureau welcomed the visits of representatives from various enterprises and introduced the work of Party building, safety and environmental education. It proposed to seriously understand new viewpoints, new judgments, and new ideas, arm the mind with the latest theoretical achievements of the Party, guide practice, and promote subsequent work, and transform our ideological achievements into practical driving forces for more precise prevention and resolution of major security issues. 

      At the meeting, it was emphasized that each enterprise must improve its position and strengthen the concept of safety production. The main responsible persons should effectively assume the responsibilities of the first responsible person, promote the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise, and deeply understand the importance and urgency of safety production work. The meeting also pointed out that the problems reported by enterprises should be compared to the problems discovered by safety and environmental protection departments, and gaps should be identified and filled in. Operations should be strictly carried out in accordance with operating procedures, without exceeding the prescribed standards or crossing the line, to reduce the occurrence of common problems. The safety and environmental protection department also fully recognizes the safety guarantee work of Burgeree Company since its establishment, and puts forward higher requirements for its future safety development. We hope that Burgeree will continue to focus on safety and move towards a higher quality development path.

     At the end of the meeting, the Safety and Environment Bureau of the Economic Development Zone and Burgeree jointly signed a joint construction agreement. In the future, Burgeree will continue to put safety first, adhere to the mission of "always safe and always comfortable", adhere to the "green efficiency" action outline, reduce carbon emissions, move towards carbon neutrality, increase technology investment, enhance product and service innovation, continue to expand market share, build the concept of healthy life as the core, and build the safest and most valuable enterprise in the domestic acoustic material industry.