Burgeree Presents at the China Acoustics Industry Innovation and Development Conference and China (Suzhou) Acoustics Industry Expo
2023-06-09 11:40:24

      From June 1st to 3rd, the 2023 China Acoustics Industry Innovation and Development Conference and China Acoustics Industry Expo opened in Changshu Sound Valley. This conference is jointly organized by the Chinese Acoustics Society, Nanjing University, and the Suzhou Municipal People's Government, and hosted by the Changshu Municipal People's Government. With the theme of "Sound Dynamic New Era, Intelligent Creation, and Winning the Future", it invites numerous acoustic experts and scholars as well as more than 100 enterprises to attend the conference, showcasing the achievements of acoustic valley construction, the cutting-edge acoustic technology, and the latest acoustic products, promoting technological exchange and cooperation in the acoustic industry, and further promoting the development of acoustics. Tan Tieniu, member of the CAS Member, secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University, Wu Qingwen, deputy secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, and others attended the conference and delivered speeches. Burgeree Chairman Zuo Hongyun was invited to attend the conference and participate in a series of activities.

      Wu Qingwen delivered a speech at the opening ceremony and announced the opening of the China (Suzhou) Acoustics Industry Expo. He stated that "Suzhou · China Sound Valley" is an important measure to accelerate the gathering of resources from all parties and deeply promote the construction of acoustic industry innovation clusters. Suzhou will take this conference as an opportunity to gather the wisdom of the whole world, borrow stones from other mountains, and continue to promote the deep integration of acoustic technology innovation and industry, cluster development, and make every effort to be pro business, safe business, and wealthy business, To safeguard the development of enterprises in Jiangsu.

      During the conference, the 2023 China (Suzhou) Acoustics Industry Expo was held, which was the first exhibition focused on the acoustics industry in China. It attracted over 150 well-known acoustic enterprises from both domestic and foreign countries to participate, with a total exhibition area of 12000 square meters. Theme exhibition areas such as the Ultrasound Hall, Material Acoustics Hall, and Electroacoustics Hall were established. Burgeree was invited by the organizer to participate in the exhibition and appeared in Hall B34 of the Materials and Acoustics Museum. The listed exhibits fully reflect Burgeree's flexible use of acoustic materials and unique design, providing visitors with an on-site experience of sound absorption environment. Wu Qingwen, Deputy Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, Zhou Qindi, Secretary of the Changshu Municipal Party Committee, and a delegation visited the Burgeree Exhibition Hall.

      Burgeree Chairman Zuo Hongyun stated that in the past, Burgeree has been participating abroad. The company attaches great importance to this domestic acoustic exhibition and has finally found a suitable stage for showcasing products in China. Burgeree has been committed to the research, development, and design of acoustic materials since its establishment in 2007. The company is equipped with a professional team of designers and a comprehensive color scheme, providing customers with the highest quality products and building sound absorption environments according to their needs. Burgeree has always adhered to the mission of "Let the world listen to a better life" and the action outline of "green efficiency". Its products are made from recycled and processed waste cola bottles, which can achieve recycling, reduce carbon emissions and move towards carbon neutrality. In the future, Burgeree will increase technological investment, enhance product and service innovation, continue to expand market share, build a concept centered on healthy living, and create the most valuable enterprise in the domestic acoustic material industry.