Professor Kang Jian, academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Academia Europaea, visited Burgeree for guidance
2023-06-19 09:24:22
      Recently, an academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, an academician of the Academia Europaea, and a health professor of the Bartlett School of Building and Environment of University College London made a special trip to Burgeree to visit and guide. Zuo Hongyun, chairman of Burgeree, warmly received and accompanied him throughout the journey.

      Professor Kang Jian first visited the Burgeree exhibition hall accompanied by Chairman Zuo Hongyun. Chairman Zuo Hongyun introduced to Professor Kang Jian the enterprise development history of Burgeree, the core key technologies, process design, equipment and production process, product capacity, product experimental data, etc. in the field of acoustic materials, as well as the measures and results to further promote the construction of Digital transformation. Professor Kang Jian affirmed Burgeree Chairman Zuo Hongyun's detailed information on Burgeree's business development, production and future development plans. He also expressed concern about the difficulties Burgeree faces in the process of technological innovation and development, and provided guidance and responses on the difficulties and pain points of the exhibition.

      During the visit, Professor Kang was deeply impressed by Burgeree's innovative design. Professor Kang said that he fully recognized and highly praised Burgeree's independent innovation, achievements in the field of Architectural acoustics, and continuous new progress and breakthroughs in the high-quality development of the enterprise. He encouraged Burgeree to adhere to the international development strategy, continue to adhere to the research and innovation in the field of Architectural acoustics materials, increase talent training efforts, further promote the deep integration of the industrial chain innovation chain talent chain, and constantly improve the design level and scientific and technological breakthrough ability. Professor Kang Jian also said that through this visit, he fully felt the good trend of Burgeree's development and placed great expectations on the follow-up development of the enterprise. He hoped that Burgeree would continue to lead the acoustic material industry and write a new chapter for Architectural acoustics.