Heat waves keep refreshing. Burgeree Union launches a series of activities called "Summer Cool Delivery"
2023-08-09 18:34:24
      Continuous high temperatures,The scorching heat is unbearable.There are still many frontline employees holding onto their positions,They are diligent and have been subjected to "roasting" tests,Use sweat to ensure the smooth progress of all work in the company.

      Since the end of June this year, the temperature has continued to rise, repeatedly approaching 40 degrees Celsius. The scorching heat tests every employee who adheres to the production line. The Burgeree labor union has long formulated a heatstroke prevention and cooling plan, and a series of summer cooling activities have been carried out in an orderly manner to send condolences to employees who hold their positions under high temperatures, helping to cool down during the summer and safeguarding safety production.

      In combination with the actual situation of the production workshop, Burgeree labor union focuses on distributing ice cubes and ice water to cool the hot work area in hot weather, buying mung beans, rock sugar, etc. to cook mung bean Congee in the canteen, setting up tea spots in the workshop, and arranging special personnel to distribute them every day.

      On July 25th, the Burgeree union distributed xx boxes of beverages such as cola and iced black tea to all members, once again bringing organizational care to the workers.

      The 'Summer Cooling' activity will continue. The distribution of sunstroke prevention materials is a Employee benefits measure that the company has continuously adhered to for many years, and has always been a traditional activity of Burgeree Labor Union. The cool heatstroke prevention materials convey the care of the Burgeree union towards the company's employees, stimulate their work enthusiasm, and boost their morale. Everyone was drinking cool and delicious drinks, expressing that although summer homework was very difficult, there was concern from the labor union organization, and they felt comfortable and cool. In the coming period, the company will also conduct heatstroke prevention and comfort work on the production line irregularly based on the temperature situation.

       In the future, the Burgeree trade union will continue to inherit and carry forward its excellent traditions, and continue to strive to safeguard the occupational safety and health rights and interests of employees, safeguarding the production and operation of the enterprise.