Wang Bo, Deputy Secretary of the Deqing County Committee of Zhejiang Province visited Burgeree
2023-08-09 18:41:58
      On July 27, Wang Bo, Deputy Secretary of Deqing County Party Committee and County Chief, Chen Jian, Chairman of the National People's Congress, Chen Yiping, Chairman of the CPPCC, led a delegation of more than 40 people from Deqing County, accompanied by Wang Jianguo, Director of the National People's Congress of Changshu City, Wu Xiaohong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Vice Mayor, made a special trip to Burgeree for investigation and research. Zuo Hongyun, Chairman of Burgeree, warmly received the delegation.

      Burgeree Chairman Zuo Hongyun accompanied Wang Bo, Deputy Secretary of the Deqing County Committee of Zhejiang Province, and his delegation to visit the Burgeree Exhibition Hall first, introducing the company's basic situation, development history, trend, development strategy, and technological innovation. Chairman Zuo Hongyun first elaborated on the original intention of the company's establishment and emphasized that the company has always advocated the core concept of "design creates value". With the changes in the market and consumer demand, the company has gradually expanded its market channels and has done a lot of work in product quality, after-sales service, and other aspects, winning the trust and support of consumers.

      Wang Bo and his team listened attentively and through inspection, they gained a deep understanding of Burgeree's product production process and process, and put forward relevant suggestions on Burgeree's technological innovation, production management, product design, and other aspects. Wang Bo believes that enterprises should establish sound and comprehensive process management and quality inspection in production and operation, strive for excellence in product design, and lay a solid foundation for the future development of the enterprise.

      Burgeree Chairman Zuo Hongyun stated that in the future, Burgeree will continue to adhere to its corporate goal of "creating a world brand and building a first-class enterprise", comprehensively promote product innovation and employee team building, attach importance to talent cultivation and introduction, and cultivate more powerful and high-quality team collaboration employees.