Burgeree First Staff Outing to TianPing Mountain

May.12th, Proposed by Burgeree GM Mr.Zuohongyun, Burgeree organized a staff outing woven around the theme of " toughen the will, build the body, relax the mind, boost mutual understanding and show styleand features." Straight distance of the whole trip is about 10KM. At 6A.M, totally 12 members gathered at the front door of the company.dressed in light.

Good News--Burgeree Successfully Gained ISO14000 Certification.

Good News--Burgeree Successfully Gained ISO14000 Certification.

Burgeree Staff Welfare: Two-Day Traveling in Hangzhou

With expasion of the company, corporate culture and management is gradually improved,so is staff welfare. May 1st this year, Burgeree organized staff who have worked with Burgeree for over one year to West Lake, Hangzhou for a two-day trip, all expense are covered by the company.

Burgeree Holding Birthday Party for Employees

March 24th, Burgeree held a collective birday celebration party for the staff who are born in March.

Burgeree’s Happy Lantern Festival Celebration

Feb.6th, 2012 as per the lunar calender is the traditional Chinease Lantern Festival. To create a colorful spiritual life and active festival atmosphere for staff, Burgeree organized a “New Year Tea Party” for celebration of Lantern Festival.

Look into the Past, We Feel Encouraged, Look into the Future, We Feel Confident

Review of the past 2011, It’s a year of exploration and innovation filled with delighting achievements,a year of creation and developement. Let’s look into the past year with Ms.Pan to retrospect the growth of Burgeree.

Burgeree 2011 Annual Award Meeting

January 7th, 2012 is the day for all Burgeree family members to share happiness and achievements.

Burgeree Welcome the New Year’s Coming

The end of one year and the begin of a new year is the time for friends who have worked hard to gather together.

Burgeree Held the "2009 Architectural Acoustics & Entertaining Architecture Design Forum

We sincerely invite you to attend the "2009 Architectural Acoustics and Entertaining Architecture Design Forum", this forum is woven around the theme of "Opportunity and Challenge for architectural acoustics and entertainment architecture"

Burgeree Cooperated with Nanjing Wanda Hilton Hotel

Nanjing Wanda Hilton Hotel applied and applicated Burgeree products- Fabric-Wrapped series

Burgeree Undertook the Fabric-Wrap Decoration of Sheraton Crescent Suzhou Project

Burgeree undertook the sheraton crescent Suzhou project applying Burgeree Fabric –wrapped series, within four months and the decoration was then finished.

Burgeree Took Part in the Batimat Paris International Architecture Exhibition

Burgeree took part in the Batimat Paris International Architecture Exhibition and harvest with construction decoration trend information and sense for overseas market.

Experts of National Mixer Association Came To Visit Burgeree

Oct.12th, Burgeree received a group of distinguished guests, a group of 45 people of national mixer association, accompanied by Burgeree president Mr.Zuo Hongyun and GM Mrs. Pan Jingfeng visited Burgeree's production line and research center.

Congratulation to First Burgeree Leisure Audio World Grand Opening

Sept.17th 2011, as key project of the second Hangzhou world leisure exposition, the first Burgeree Leisure Audio World had its Grand Opening at Hangzhou.

Burgeree Newly Developed Product Certified with E0 Standard

Burgeree successfully developed upgraded acoustic panels which are tested as reaching formaldehyde emission E0 standard.

Burgeree Main Product Packaging Upgrade Notification

From Aug.15th, 2011, Burgeree product packaging will have the mark of "flame retardant"( refer to the following picture. Customers can verify the authenticity of Burgeree goods via SMS anti-counterfeiting code

Burgeree Joins 2011 Cologne International Building Decoration Material Exhibition

Burgeree participated in the 2011 Cologne International Building Decoration Material Exhibition from May 25th-28th, the Cologne International Exhibition(INTERZUM) is currently one of the world’s largest influential professional exhibitions in building decoration material field.

Burgeree Participated in the 2011 CIFF

From July 8th to July 11th, Burgeree exhibits its latest products on The 13th China(guangzhou) international buliding decoration fair. The following pictures showed how the booth was like, quite attractive and unique.

2011 Burgeree Dealer Banquet Came to a Successful Completion

Burgeree, during the time of staying at Guangzhou for the Canton Building Material Expo, held a dealer banquet to interact with all Burgeree dealers discussing product upgrade and prospect of the company.

Acoustic Expert Mr.Zhang kuisheng Paid Visit To Burgeree Offering Precious Guidance

Welcome Zhang Kui Sheng acoustic design institute subordinating to modern design group come to visit Burgeree.